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Hey, my name is Alex. Nice to meet you! 


I was born on 3th of November,1990 in a small town - Vyborg, which is located between the Finnish border and St. Petersburg. 

At the age of 10, as soon as I had the Internet and a computer, I discovered Photoshop.
And then bought a camera and started shooting as a hobby. I took photos of my friends and then other people: their emotions, their mood.

I really like traveling and in addition to portraits, I like shooting old streets of European towns, cause I was raised in one of the oldest cities in Europe. 
Also I’m fancy about landscapes. Sunrises and sunsets are my favorites, and I’m hunting for different natural wonders, such as highlands, snowy peaks, volcanoes. 

Now I live in Spain, but I work as a photographer all over Europe.

Curretly I use: Canon 5D Mark IV  with lens 35 1.4 L , 50 1.2 L , 85 1.8